Tea Teams Missions

What you can do as a part of the Tea Teams

Tea Teams Missions

What you can do as a part of the Tea Teams

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American Citizen Special Forces
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Our “Special Forces” teams conduct various missions for accomplishment of our goals. Here are some examples of Tea Team Missions:


Tea Teams gather and evaluate information and evidence of illegal activities such as voter fraud, official collaboration with criminals, funding and donations of corrupt politicians, unconstitutional acts by government officials, etc.

When appropriate, the Tea Team reports are submitted to the proper authorities for corrective action, prosecution or further investigation.

Government officials who refuse to take appropriate action against unconstitutional/illegal activities will themselves be subject to malfeasance investigation and charges.

One Nation Under God Missions

Liberal elected officials are a serious danger to freedom and decency and exposing these people is a Tea Team mission. Many liberals have done away with the Pledge of Allegiance in the name of political correctness. Tea Teams will attend these forums and will insist that the Pledge of Allegiance open all public government meetings. If necessary, the Tea Team will lead the pledge over the objections of liberal officials.

Government officials who refuse to pledge allegiance or to say “one nation under God” are unfit for government service and Tea Teams will work for their removal.

Any legal actions against Tea Team members will be nationally trumpeted and vigorously refuted.

Public Schools

What the liberal agenda has done to American education is a national disgrace. The stranglehold of the anti-American teachers unions and the National Education Association must be broken for the sake of our children.

Our children are a captive audience and are being force fed anti-American propaganda, sexual perversion and false history. They are being kept ignorant of the God and Country principles that are so important to understanding American citizenship.

Tea Teams are dedicated to restoring God and Country principles in public schools as they were for the first 250 years of this nation’s existence.

“Tea Teens” are students who place God and Country brochures and pamphlets in strategic areas of the school to reach students with the Tea Team messages.

Setting up a ‘free gift” table adjacent to school property is a constitutionally protected way to distribute materials to students and to engage them in friendly dialog.

Constitutional Sheriff’s Mission

Elected Sheriffs are the nation’s highest law enforcement authorities and as such Tea Teams will work to build alliances with Sheriffs in their state.

The Sheriff has authority to override unlawful federal actions and is in the best position to protect the Constitutional rights of citizens.

Line in the Sand Missions

Liberal/socialist/anti-American elected officials need to be publicly confronted and asked tough questions whenever they appear in public. Tea Teams will specialize in exposing the anti-American agendas and deceptions of seditious and incompetent politicians.

Candidate Recruitment

The best candidates for political office are already known in their communities. We just need to find them and give them the encouragement and support they need. Tea Teams will visit churches, chambers of commerce, civic groups asking them to identify excellent potential candidates.

Tea Team Defense

We will vigorously defend our teams against the liberal slander/libel that is standard practice to discredit patriotic Americans. We will use the court system to stop such attacks and to send a clear message that we are not afraid to hit back against the liberal machine.

Attack the Tea Teams, pay the price!

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