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Taking the Tea Party to the next level

Tea Teams

Taking the Tea Party to the next level

Our Mission

To contend for the God and Country principles upon which the United States was founded and which guided this nation to the pinnacle of freedom, prosperity and good works for the benefit of all.

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Become a part of the Tea Team in your state to confront and defeat the anti-American liberal agenda that is eliminating faith, freedom and prosperity.

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Join the conversation with Tea Teams USA on Facebook to expose and combat corruption, racism and sedition within government and society.


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Take Action

What can you do? Go on a mission to boldly confront and remove from service elected officials and government workers who fail to uphold their oath of office or to perform their lawful duties.

American Citizen Special Forces
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“If you want to make a Conservative angry, lie to them. If you want to make a Liberal angry, tell them the truth.” -Wild Bill for America

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